Your SAP UX Partner

Fiori Design Thinking, Build, Axure, Personas, Custom Apps

Your SAP Integration Partner

Development, ABAP OO, UI5, Workflow, Services, ILM, Archiving, SAP Cloud Platform

Your SAP HCM Partner

HCM, Successfactors, Workflow, Process Automation, Folders Management, Digital Records, ArchiveLink

What we are doing ...

We consult, draft and implement ready-to-run solutions with focus on the following SAP/IT subjects ...

Fiori UX

We are experts in the Fiori design paradigm, its guidelines and Best Practices. We are regular contributors of the Fiori Makers Community who serve themselves of agile methodologies and Design Thinking to fully understand the end user necessities.

We are design craftsmen who use tools like Build, Axure, Personas to create added value.

And, of course, we master the necessary technologies that can make your applications blossom.

ABAP and UI5

We design and implement your SAP solution within ABAP as well as in the UI5 frontend stack. This is naturally based on state-of-the-art object-oriented paradigms.

Our portfolio ranges from enhancements and changes up to the design and development of complete custom solutions with focus on HCM, Fiori and process automation.

Archiving and ILM

We carry out your archiving and ILM project.  This includes system and data analysis, configuration and implementation of data archiving with or without ILM.

We develop custom archiving/ILM objects or enhance existing should this be required. Beyond that we consult, design, develop and cover the entire SAP ArchiveLink area.

Workflow and Documents

We support, design and develop SAP Business Workflows. This is often related to document-driven processes and scenarios. Thus, our service portfolio elements development, workflow, document management and self services complement one another perfectly.

Digital Records

We design and implement your SAP Records/Case/Folders Management solution with focus on digital records in HCM, personnel eFiles and HCM process automation. 

We maintain and enhance Your xft business Add-on.

SAP HCM onPrem

We service many applications and areas around SAP ERP HCM classic with focus on PA/OM, Self Services, HR Renewal, Screen Personas and HCM Fiori.

We can help you optimize your HCM aplications for the new S4/HANA era.


We design and implement custom-tailored solutions to integrate Successfactors solution in hybrid setups based on the public Successfactors API and the SAP Successfactors Integration Add-On for ERP.

We provide extensions for Successfactors LMS and Recruiting.

SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform has become a vital part of the current SAP value added chain, especially in the Fiori UX eco system.

Furthermore we work with native SCP applictions based on Node.js, Java, HTML5 and naturally utilize the SAP Web IDE.


Nubexx Software HR, S.L. within ICEX Next program, has had the support of ICEX and the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its region.

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