Our values

At Nubexx we strongly believe in our core values, and we always strive to strengthen them all together because they are the heart of our culture, and they create the personality of our company.  

Every employee learns our values from the first day. We operate through these principles, they guide us, and they shape our company – they connect and inspire us. And for sure, they also help us to create customer-tailored services and products for you.

Are you wondering what our values are and what they mean?

We follow six core values, and we are proud of them.

We encourage our employees to develop trust and confidence in themselves – in their abilities, personal development, and in the importance of their actions and decisions. We give our employees a voice and provide them with growth opportunities based on their needs.

We are colleagues, but we are like a family and have fun together while working. We are striving to improve the collaboration with each of our employees and to focus on our work-life balance.

We aim to understand different perspectives, feelings, thoughts, and emotions for each other. We listen carefully to our colleagues and clients. We empathize with them to understand their point of view and identify their needs.

Passion is the heart of everything we do. Every day we follow our main objectives to enjoy what we are doing and inspire each other with new ideas.

Every day we are strive to create new solutions for our clients to develop customer-tailored services and products. As an SAP partner, we apply innovative thinking and we work with a vision of the future.

Integrity defines the quality of our employees and our work. We strive to do the right thing, and work honestly, fairly, ethically, and truthfully with each other and our clients. We promote open and transparent communication.

Get to know our International Team

The Nubexx team is a rich mix of people, both in professional skills and in terms of personal attributes. Customer focus and innovation are fundamental values of our corporate culture, and we’ve backed that up by recruiting people with different expertise, backgrounds, and skills.

Our main areas

SAP Development

We offer you customized SAP consulting and development for SAP solutions: HCM, HANA, SuccessFactors. We are specialized in SAP-HR (Human Resources). With us, you benefit right from the start: we work closely together to move your project forward. Our SAP consultants look at your problem from all sides at every stage and we inspire you with modern designs.

We develop tailor-made solutions and supervise the entire project lifecycle from the first draft to go-live and beyond. We are experts in UI5/Fiori, ABAP Development, SAP Gateway, and Product Development.

Human Resource Management

Our employees are at the heart of everything we do. They inspire each other to be the best, and no matter the role in our company we strive to achieve excellence in everything we do. Therefore, we are constantly training our employees to ensure that we are fully updated with the newest trends and technology. We are committed to empowering and recruiting people, and continuing to develop our corporate identity.


With our SAP SuccessFactors expertise, we provide the right strategies for your project and support you. We help to optimize your resources.  

Java Development

We also focus on back-end development using Java and Spring to advance our own product developments which we implement in SAP. 

Project Management

Our Project Manager & PMO guide the team to develop and implement the SAP projects with a focus on quality, productivity, and consistency. We manage effective project implementation and delivery to ensure a great customer experience. 

Nubexx Germany

Alexander Herbst

Management & Partner

SAP application, process, and Architecture Consulting. Design and Development of SAP applications. 

Dirk Hoffmann

Management & Partner

Your contact for everything relating to our Web application and Content Management Portfolio.


Nubexx Spain

Jaime Ojeda González

Management & Partner

SAP application, process, and Architecture Consulting. Design
& Development of SAP applications. 



Martina Bartels

Human Resource Manager

Léa Régerat

Project Manager & PMO

Cristina Llamas

Team Manager
SAP Senior Consultant & Developer

Antonio Martos

Team Manager
SAP Senior Consultant & Developer

Kristina Hakobyan

SAP Senior Consultant & Developer

Alejandro López

SAP Senior Consultant & Developer

Teodoro Fuentes

SAP Senior Consultant & Developer

Jonathan Muñoz

SAP Senior Consultant & Developer

Alejandro Martínez

SAP Consultant & Developer

Arturo Pozo

SAP Consultant & Developer

Diego Llamas

SAP Consultant & Developer

Pablo Rebollo

SAP Consultant & Developer

Luis Pacheco

Java Developer

Ana Baena

SAP SuccessFactors Consultant

Nina Rauen

SAP HCM Consultant

Nubexx Software HR, S.L. within ICEX Next program, has had the support of ICEX and the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its region.

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