Good stories start with you.

Empowerment, empathy, and passion are only one of the values that we are following within our company. We believe that our growth and success as a company only come because of our people. 

That is why we do everything to create an environment where all our team members can do their best and realize their full potential. 

From specific training to internal workshops, as well as to inspiring team events, we are not missing out on anything. 

We are an international team with different origins, backgrounds, and expertise, but we have something in common: We are proud to work at Nubexx and have fun at work. We work 100% remotely and are spread around Spain and Germany. 

We are looking for talents, enthusiasts, and technology cracks who like to go the extra mile to create customer-tailored SAP solutions for our international clients.

If you are passionate about technology and speak English, German or Spanish, then you are the perfect match for us. Of course, any other language is welcome too. 

Are you up for a new challenge? 

Then join our team and make a difference.


Martina Bartels

Human Resource Manager


"Our employees are the heart of everything that we do."

Check what our team members say

about working at Nubexx.

"One of the potential disadvantages of working remotely is the disconnection with your colleagues and the isolation. At Nubexx we enjoy weekly team dynamics to reinforce the team spirit. And this is one of the most important aspects of working at Nubexx: the effort that the company makes for the well-being of the employees by applying measures of work-family reconciliation as well as the focus on the professional and personal development of each employee."

"I am so happy to be part of a company that puts people first. This is not just a slogan, this is something you see daily: Flexibility, personal development opportunities, weekly team building activities, team events. I feel that the motto here at Nubexx is to make you feel good, comfortable, and confident; what turns out in a great atmosphere to do a good job."

"I am working at Nubexx for more than one year now. My last year was full of amazing changes and new challenges: I have the opportunity to keep growing professionally, improve my SAP and UI5 knowledge and acquire new skills, as for example I started learning German. Nubexx also cares about their people and allows us to have a good work-life balance, providing us flexibility and a nice work environment."

"I started working at Nubexx a couple of months ago. The flexibility provided by the company enables me to finish my studies at the same time. I highly appreciate that each of us can contribute ideas and suggest solutions for new and existing projects. I am working on developing and implementing one of my project ideas. I also started studying German at Nubexx. Amazingly, the company provides language classes in English and German with qualified native teachers for all employees. Last but not least, our company culture is great, with a people-oriented and innovation-oriented approach."

"The combination of working 100% remotely with the flexibility I need and having a friendly and skilled environment to work is what made me sign with Nubexx. It is great to see a company that supports and invests in their employees’ development and at the same time relies 100% on them. Working on projects with a happy team is what turns work into pleasure and results in satisfied clients."

Nothing found?

Don't worry! We are very happy to get to know you and learn more about you. Just send us your CV to the following email address and we will contact you back. Your information will be kept in our database for future openings.

Global Diversity

Nubexx is highly committed to providing a workplace for anyone, no matter which gender, nationality, color, physical or mental disability, religion, or sexual orientation. 

We welcome everyone and are very happy with our fast-growing team consisting of currently 20 team members.

We represent six different nationalities and are proud of our diversity. Consisting of such a rich culture forms the foundation of our workplace and also our marketplace.

We give each employee the space for personal growth to ensure success, leadership, and a voice to stand out. That allows us to build a diverse ecosystem internally but also for our customers. 

The stages of your application

Become our talent. 

1. Let us know more about you.

Send your CV to our email address with the corres­ponding position that you want to apply for. We will review it internally and get back to you.

​​​​​​2. Nice to e-meet you.

You got positive feedback!

You will be invited to the first video call with our HR Manager. We will give you detailed information about the vacancy and talk about your experiences, expectations, and much better about you.

3. Meet our IT experts.

Now it is time to talk about your passion which is your expertise. We are all tech-lovers and keen to exchange. Finding the right match for us is crucial to ensure good team vibes. Everything will be online since we all work 100% remotely.

4. It is time for onboarding.

Yes! You succeeded and are officially part of the Nubexx family! Welcome!
In the next weeks, you will get a proper onboarding to fully take off and lead your project.

Our Benefits

Work 100% remote

All of us give 100% in their job, why not 100% at home? We believe in a good work-life balance to ensure high-quality performance. Work from anywhere in Spain or from any other country for a certain period of time.

We care for your health

As part of your competitive salary, Nubexx also takes care of your health package. With a full private insurance, you are fully covered.

Flexible working hours

Enjoy flexible working hours where you adapt your job to your lifestyle: You decide how to organize your day.

SAP Certifications

We have a clear focus on innovation and this why we want you to be fully updated with the newest trends and technology to develop customizable solutions and provide a great customer experience. At Nubexx you have access to official SAP certifications at the company's expense. Happy learning!

Free Languages classes

Our team language is Spanish, but since we are an SAP partner and work with multinational clients we want to give you the opportunity to learn or improve your English or German. Have you ever been to a meet-up? Here we go, besides the official classes, we are an international team - perfect for you to exchange languages.

We play as a team

We are a family at Nubexx and therefore we meet twice a year, no matter what we do, fun is ensured. Snowshoeing, snorkeling, a boat trip, or exploring cities, does this not sound fun? We also organize weekly team-building activities to strengthen the bond between work colleagues.

Nubexx Learning Academy

We have our own internal learning academy, and we encourage our experts to share their knowledge and expertise with everyone else through training programs.

Recommend your friend

You are not only getting the chance to work with your buddy but also to get compensated for it. We care about good people that bring the same as you - good vibes and a good spirit.

Supporting together

We vote yearly for a donation and each person collaborates as he/she wishes with a voluntary donation.

Loyalty plan

We acknowledge your loyalty. Enjoy extra holidays after each year of permanency.




Nubexx Software HR, S.L. within ICEX Next program, has had the support of ICEX and the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its region.

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